#2 Home Heating Oil

Davis Oil employee standing in front of one of their full trucks.We provide clean and efficient heating fuel for your home or business delivered by trained experienced drivers.

Fuel oil provides homeowners with abundant heat and hot water. #2 fuel is reliable – keeps you warm without the hassle of fuel oil alternatives.

We carefully handle our fuel keeping the environment in mind always. We have added filtration for the oil going into and out of our storage facility. We again filter your fuel oil coming out of our trucks and into your tank. Fuel oil delivered to your home or business is above industry standards providing the cleanest fuel oil possible. Our fuel oil is environmentally conscious but is also economically a wise choice due to its clean burning characteristics.

We have been keeping the greater Keene area warm with fuel oil since 1926.

Our relationship with our wholesalers is outstanding enabling us to always obtain fuel even in the coldest of winters or at times of fuel shortages. You can count on us to deliver your heating fuel as our fleet of delivery trucks are clean and well maintained at all times.

  • Friendly reliable customer service staff ready to exceed your needs 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Our drivers are experienced and take pride in delivering fuel in a prompt, clean and courteous manner.
  • We value and respect your property.
  • Our team of drivers have been with Davis Oil for years and know the fuel oil industry very well.

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  • Kristen and Peter Goodenough

    Monday morning waking up to our hot water tank literally split open, we were envisioning days without hot water but… Steve Walsh and the team from Davis Oil showed up right away, rearranged their schedule to fit us in and we had a replacement tank before noon! THAT IS AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We cannot thank Davis Oil enough.