Bathroom & Pipe Repairs

nh master plumber servicesDavis Oil can help you with anything from a dripping faucet, leaking water or sewer pipe to a full-blown kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Call us for your plumbing repairs.

Many houses are now coming of the age that the copper water piping within the home is thin and springs periodic leaks. If your copper piping in the basement is getting black in color, its getting time to replace it. We can give you options to replace it with copper again or with Plastic PEX.

Many houses have cast iron or copper sewer lines that are now showing signs of cracks or leaks. We can replace sections of piping or the entire drainage system with Plastic PVC or ABS.

We can take care of any new plumbing needs.

The most common question is “Can I buy my own faucets and fixtures”. Yes, you can but be careful! Most of the faucets that you buy in the big box store are not the same quality that we have from our wholesalers. The brands/models that we sell are all repairable and not throw away in a few months or years. We can and do service the fixtures that you buy from us. Davis Oil will provide full 100% parts and labor warranty for one full year after the installation. After that, full manufactures warranty is in effect.

  • For Faucets, we supply and install Moen, Delta, Kohler and Hans Grohe.
  • For Fixtures, we supply and install Kohler, Toto, American Standard, Sterling, and Mansfield.

We stock most service parts in our trucks for the faucet brands that we sell. This aids in getting you back up and running efficiently if problems arise.

Davis Oil has vast experience working with local contractors to complete your project. We will gladly recommend carpenters, electricians, flooring contractors, cabinet makers and granite countertop fabricators upon request. How can we help you with your plumbing?


  • Kristen and Peter Goodenough

    Monday morning waking up to our hot water tank literally split open, we were envisioning days without hot water but… Steve Walsh and the team from Davis Oil showed up right away, rearranged their schedule to fit us in and we had a replacement tank before noon! THAT IS AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We cannot thank Davis Oil enough.