Plumbing Inspections

Davis Oil Tech fixing a solar water heater systemGet a comprehensive plumbing inspection!

Whether you are buying, selling or just want our opinion on the current condition of your plumbing system we can help.

  • We can check your water supply system as well as the drainage system.
  • We can inspect your faucets, fixture, and appliances including garbage disposals, dishwashers, and hot water heaters.

One of our Master Plumbing Technicians can inspect your entire water and drainage system in your home from where the vent comes through the roof to where the sewer pipe exits the building. We can assess the condition of your water and drain lines and give you our opinion on how much life they have left.

You will receive a comprehensive checklist on the condition of your system. If repairs are recommended, we can provide an estimate to do the repairs if you wish. Send us an email so we can schedule your plumbing inspection. Typical cost for our inspection and written evaluation is usually $170.00.

  • Kristen and Peter Goodenough

    Monday morning waking up to our hot water tank literally split open, we were envisioning days without hot water but… Steve Walsh and the team from Davis Oil showed up right away, rearranged their schedule to fit us in and we had a replacement tank before noon! THAT IS AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We cannot thank Davis Oil enough.