NH master plumber installing and servicing a sink faucet

Full-Service Plumbing

Davis Oil can service, repair and install all kinds of faucets, fixtures and plumbing appliances.

We install appliances including dishwashers, garbage disposals, outdoor sillcocks, electric hot water heaters and more.

We can replace old, thin and corroded copper water lines with the more up to date plastic PEX water piping with brands like Watts and Uponor.

We can replace that old, rusty and corroded cast iron waste pipe in your basement with the more up to date ABS or PVC plastic piping.

How can Davis Oil Plumbers help you?

  • We have in-house, licensed NH master plumbers.
  • We have a full inventory of parts to do your repairs in a timely manner.
  • We treat your home or business with respect and get the repair done right the first time.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.  Send us an email so we can talk to you about your plumbing needs. All workmanship and material are fully guaranteed for one full year from the time of the repair/installation.


  • Kristen and Peter Goodenough

    Monday morning waking up to our hot water tank literally split open, we were envisioning days without hot water but… Steve Walsh and the team from Davis Oil showed up right away, rearranged their schedule to fit us in and we had a replacement tank before noon! THAT IS AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We cannot thank Davis Oil enough.