Radiant Heat

Radiant heat flooring pipes exposed in a newly installed wood floorRadiant Heat is becoming the most sought-after heat in new homes and additions.

It is very popular in bathroom renovations/remodels as well. Radiant Heat warms your floor and allows you to place furnishings anywhere in your home or business. Radiant Heat is quiet, dust-free and comfortable — great for allergy sufferers.

Radiant Heat needs professional installation.

There are many different components to make a proper radiant system installation work. Davis Oil will design and install a radiant system for you along with making certain that it is properly insulated that will keep you comfortable and last for decades. Sometimes radiant heat is not enough all on its own when the temperature goes below zero outside. Davis Oil will let you know ahead of time if indeed a supplement heat is needed during the below zero duration. Davis Oil has installed literally miles and miles of Radiant Tubing for happy customers. We are happy to come look at your existing home/office or work off a set of drawings to give you insight on radiant heating specific to your project.  Send us an email so we can talk about your radiant heat installation.

Why have Davis Oil install your Radiant Heat?

  • Davis Oil has been installing radiant heat for 25 years.
  • We fully understand the concept and have repaired many installations done by others.
  • We warranty all radiant installs for one full year, Parts and labor. After that, Manufactures warranty in full effect.

Service for Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat is more than just pipes in your floor. Radiant Heat requires valves and controls specific to the job. Sometimes cleaner and conditioners need to be installed in your system for proper function. We can help you with that. We have certified installers of Uponor (formerly Wirsbo) and Watts Radiant Heat.

Water quality within the radiant system should be checked annually for its integrity. Cleaners and or conditioners may be recommended.  Send us an email so we can talk to you about your radiant heat needs.

Davis Oil can recommend contractors such as insulators and flooring installers to help complete your radiant installation. Radiant heat has many different components from start to finish for a proper installation. We can help you with all of it!


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